Birds and Dandelions

I always want cake. I feel like every night I always come to the point where cake is a necessity.  Cake is the most delectable desert, besides macaroons, that there is.  Dandelion designs cannot be put on macaroons very easily though so cake is the perfect decorated treat! There are so many different opportunities and choices when it comes to cake that I do not have the words to describe all the emotions it brings.

I will let pictures do the talking.

Summer Outdoor Dandelion Cake

For a modern, fun, flirty weddingSummer Outdoor Dandelion Cake

Classic Chic Dandelion Cake

Since I gave a little example of what can be done with dandelions in décor, I decided to reveal some secrets about bringing dandelions into those days when the weather outside allows for fireside hot chocolates and something to do when chick-flicks run out.

Freeze Dandelions!  Not only can this give more opportunities to use dandelions in decorations but also will give a chance for some fun mother and daughter time in the kitchen later.  So put freshly picked dandy leaves on cookie pans, loosely piled about 2-3 leaves deep, and flash freeze them (that means about an hour in the freezer). Take them out, package in LABELED quart freezer bags, and pop them back into the freezer. I will be using these in green smoothies, in blended soups, and NOT for fresh salads.  Then DRY THEM.  I have kept both the dehydrators running continuously, drying dandelion leaves.  A hairdryer can be used as well on a low setting to dry dandelions.  They will be used in teas, infusions, and whatever else I can think of.

An interesting tool dandelions can be used for is DANDELION VINEGAR! Finding a different item that is home made such as this can be used in the kitchen, as a spa treatment, or even a gift.  Take a pack dandelion leaves, well chopped (food processor) into a quart jar.  Cover with apple cider vinegar, using a bamboo skewer or chopstick to poke them into submission as the jar fills.  Cover the jar with a piece of waxed paper, then a lid and ring or solid lid.  This vinegar potion will be used as a tonic, by taking a couple tablespoons a day in water, or as part of salad dressings, mixed with some flavorful olive or walnut or avocado oil.

People complain about the cold.

I absolutely love the cold. I live for the cold and love a chilling breeze and a winter night. Wishing for snow is a typical wish in my heart and on my mind when December rolls around.  What I have been hearing from numerous people for the past week is that the Christmas season has not had an effect on them yet. I feel the same way and it is killing me. I want Christmas to be something I feel and think about all the time because I love to enjoy this season.

Thinking about this feeling I have been having as well as other people, I thought about the weather and how warm weather can affect the feeling of Christmas.  Not just any one can go through Christmas with out actually “dreaming of a white Christmas” or watching “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.  Since living in the south does not allow much room for snow days due to the warmer weather, I found myself looking for a connection to Christmas that would suffice.  I found a dandelion in my backyard yesterday.  When the seeds flew off into the wind I found that I was looking at the closest image of snow that I could.  I find little things like this help everyone get through a season when we cannot feel the true “season”.

I hope that a deep feeling of a heart-warming season shows through a difficult time when dandelion seeds have to fill in for the missing snow.  Missing feelings will return and a “White Christmas” will come in many different ways. 

Talking about hiccups so much and comparing them to problems in life is seen all throughout my blog.  Since I have never actually explained why hiccups can be so comparable to life I decided to give you some information about the reality of hiccups.

So why do we get hiccups and does our body need them for a true purpose? A hiccup is a kind of forced intake of breath, caused by muscle spasms in your chest and throat. There are over 100 causes for hiccups, but the most common is irritation of the stomach or the esophagus – the food tube that leads to it. The truth is, doctors are not really sure what they’re for.  As far as we can make out, hiccups don’t really do anything for us because they have no known function in the body at all. So some scientists think they might be a kind of malfunction in the nerves that control the breathing muscles and glottis, which happens when the nerves get irritated or damaged.

In life there are problems that we do not understand do not know why they exist or where they came from.  When we get hiccups we do not know how or why.  There are some people who only have hiccups when they make little mistakes, like eating to fast or not breathing correctly when working out.  Whether we know why hardships come into our lives or not we never truly know the correct way to get rid of them.  Peanut butter, drinking water, or hanging upside down can get rid of hiccups sometimes, but when work gets to hard or families fall apart or even someone passes away that is close to you….what do you do? There are never specific guidelines to follow when handling a problem in life.  Just like hiccups, we get rid of problems in our own specific ways.

When life becomes damaged and malfunctions happen sometimes we do not know why but just as hiccups pass, difficulties in life can pass by as well.  Our own personal will and determination can bring us through anything.  We eat some peanut butter and hiccups could disappear.  We take a breath, decide we can make it through our difficulties and life becomes an adventure that we find courage in.

Take your hiccups and learn from them.

Needing some Dandelion Inspirations?!?!? I have exactly what you need! I made an Inspiration Board with everything Dandelions! Feel inspired by a fun little plant that represents childhood wishes, free spirits, and lives spiritual seeds.  Find joy in decorating or wearing these delicate yet determined fluffy flowers.

Here is the link to my board!

Sow the seeds of your dandelion joy!

Hiccups can be annoying but in my own life they only come when i eat too fast.  This is not a bad thing it is simply my body reminding me that I eat to fast.  There can be many joys in hiccups and as my blog has show hiccups can be a little “uh oh” in life that we can learn from and improve upon.  The mistakes, or hiccups, we make in life make us who we are and mold us into the people we can become.

I hope if this is a difficult day or week or time in general for you this video can remind you that the hiccups of life can bring joy if you make the best of any situation.

Stay joyful and keep laughing because the hiccups will go away soon and you will be a better person because of them.

Some people may think dandelions are annoying weeds but the inspiration that can be used to compare to many things in life.



The wind has always been one of my favorite aspects of fall and the changing seasons.  I love the feeling of the wind whether it be a cool breeze or strong gust that carry the scent of fall.  The experience of feeling something that the human eye cannot see brings a mysterious liking that can be applied to numerous experiences in life.  For example, there are many times in life when I feel as if I do not have the capabilities to succeed or bring achievement to the goals I want to reach in life.  But as my weaknesses are revealed a strength not of my own sweeps into my life and allows me to conquer the downfalls my human nature causes.  I receive a strength and courage that I can feel but I cannot see.  God allows for His glory to be shown in my weakness and just as the wind can bring gusts of strength, God reveals His power through me when I least expect it.

The wind not only comes at unexpected times and can soften just as quick as it can strengthen but it can also spread and travel at rapid speeds.  Comparing this to how God reveals His strength in my life, I find that I cannot help but spread the strength given to me to everyone around me because of the overwhelmed joy I find in the feeling of what I cannot see.  I feel the strength of God in my life right now more than ever and I pray that it continues as God appoints my fellow students and I to higher callings.

We may have many hiccups in life but those mistakes must not bring us down.  Instead may we depend on what we cannot see so that God’s strength may be spread like dandelion seeds across the Body of Christ.  The seeds that will be sown could bring a new courage for tomorrow that we may succeed in a life of service to our Savior.

Too much of anything is bad.  I honestly believe that statement and have seen it come to reality in the past week.  The amount of rain that has fallen in the south has come to everyone’s surprise.  The fact that most cities have gone the longest amount of time in history without rain caused a shock when water fell from the sky for forty-eight hours straight.  Flash flooding ravaged cities and came as quickly just as the overwhelming summer heat left.  It rained so much that the temperature has dropped about thirty degrees and has not risen about seventy since the rain came on Monday.  School days were canceled, buildings flooded, and street drains clogged due to the amount of rain.  The down pour brought relief and worry at the same time.  The whole scenario is so true to life.  People pray for things they do not have and then when their prays get answered they get too much of what they ask for.  We pray for seeds to be sown and that our lives will not grow dry of our hope and joy.  But when the rains it pours and seeing through the dense drops of water all around us can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.  As Isaiah 55:10-11 says,

“As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it”.

Emotions have come as heavy as the rain has lately and trying to get back into the normal college life has been both enjoyable and difficult.  As life returns to the theme of purpose I see my friends and I cry out for meaning and fulfillment.  The rain comes and goes and seeds are planted and washed away.  But as people try to grow what they sow and keep it from washing away in the rain of today it is difficult to accomplish what God’s calling is as individuals.


The rain of emotions can bring hiccups of foolishness but the goal of planting dandelion seeds can grow a life of accomplishment.


I pray that the rain does not wash away your courage and strength.

God Bless.

Looking at a usual day of a college student most people in the United States would say that college students are in a stage in their lives where we go to school and have fun. The definition of what the “fun” may be is different depending where one attends school.  For my group of friends, fun is keeping tradition alive and making the most of what the history of our institution has given us.  Yes this sounds serious and it most certainly is but it also involves the most amount of “fun” I believe one could ever encounter in college.  Looking at my group of friends and seeing where we have all come from and what we are planning on for the future makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself.  Purpose and greatness is what many people strive for today and no matter how college students achieve this purpose, it can come in many different ways.  It could be having the best grades or joining an academic or Greek club or maybe even having multiple jobs while going to school.  No matter how purpose comes to someone it never truly comes easily.  Purpose and greatness is earned and as college students find their way through difficult classes, late nights at Steak and Shake or IHOP, and the infamous college parties they produce a story of greatness on their own.  Every beginning starts somewhere and sometimes it is difficult to be seen and heard.  The beginning of purpose and greatness demands strength and courage and a simple whisper can jump start the journey for one’s potential to take hold of one’s mind and heart.  Today you could be someone’s whisper to their purpose and greatness.  Just as a Dandelion has hundreds of seeds on one stalk so does a person’s encouragement.  Imagine if your words were like Dandelions seeds that were caught in a breeze and blown to hundreds of different places.  You can encourage over a hundred people today with just a small whisper.  Every one needs a push to commence their beginning.  Do you know someone who needs your encouragement? Can you think of someone who has helped you find the purpose you have today? I hope you can. Do not fall short of your potential.

The hiccups of life can cause you to stumble but the seeds of dandelions can sow a full harvest of greatness.

God Bless you. He has created this day for you.